Month: April 2019

Where Is Technology Taking Auditing and Accounting?

Technology is paving the way for the newest developments in auditing and accounting. It seems as soon as one cutting-edge concept is developed another one is already emerging. This type...

What Does a Background Check Show Employers?

What comes up on a background check can vary based on the amount of information a company is seeking,

Making a Competitive Job Offer

can make it tempting to offer too much when you do find a candidate that meets your requirements.

Questions to Ask New Employees

Staying engaged with your new employees will help them to be efficient and productive. Here are some questions that you should be asking your new employees

Questions to Ask in Every Job Interview

While many people assume that a job interview is all about answering questions, you should also be prepared to ask a few questions of your own

Business Email Etiquette

Nothing says true professional quite like a quality business email. That being said, knowing proper business email etiquette is essential to a quality business email. It’s important to understand that...

Current AICPA Guidelines on Prior-Period Audits

As a way to enhance education, the AICPA has updated the Technical Question and Answer (TQA) with responses to questions dating back from July 2018. The questions stem from the...

New Changes to PCAOB and What They Mean

The 2019 Staff Inspections Outlook published by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board indicates that there are some interesting changes on the horizon. Of particular interest is that the PCAOB...

Learning to Think Outside the Box

How can we teach ourselves to think outside of the box and find creative solutions to our everyday issues?

Are Performance Reviews Necessary?

There is a lot of discussion about whether or not performance reviews are necessary.