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Finance: Transformed

December 8, 2011 by Tom Sweeney If we’ve learned anything during the early years of the 21st century, it’s that organizations that want to succeed must be flexible and adaptable. This is especially true for finance organizations. Long viewed as a support function, the traditional finance department has been more reactive than proactive. However, the role and structure […]

DLC Consulting Model Lures Finance Execs to Try Another Approach

View Source Among the models that exist for companies providing CFO services to client companies, DLC Inc. thinks it has the best — both for its clients and for the finance executives it provides to them as consultants. All its 150 employees, says DLC chief executive Tom Sweeney, have worked at Fortune 1000 companies, and […]

Tom Jones and DLC profiled in CFO Magazine

View Source August 1, 2011 Some finance executives fill time between jobs by signing on with agencies that provide consultants to perform temporary or interim financial services. For Tom Jones, who works for one such firm, DLC, the gig is as permanent as most others. Jones has worked for DLC under annual employment contracts since […]

Consulting Magazine’s One to One interview with Tom Sweeney, CEO

View Source Every day, finance and accounting professionals consider careers in consulting but often have second thoughts when confronted with the reality of long hours and extensive travel. One highly successful alternative model is DLC, a finance and accounting professional services firm. The firm currently employs about 150 people across offices in California, Chicago and Dallas and has a five-year […]