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The Future of Financial Reporting

Armies of accounting and finance professionals put together and deliver reports and presentations every month, only to do it over again the following month. While it would be perfect if the reports aligned with the changing needs of the business, that seldom happens with financial reporting. 48 percent of companies spend their time creating and […]

Networking Event Introductions Made Easy

Although social media is making connections with strangers online easier, there is still a need to make personal connections out in the real world. Attending a business networking event is the perfect way to become skilled at introducing yourself to other people face-to-face. Effective networking is about establishing, mutually beneficial relationships with other people. When […]

Long Term Planning for Companies

With all public companies having a 75% decline since 1965 on their return of assets, we can see that the current approaches are not working. While most companies have until this point remained loyal to a 5-year plan, others have chosen a 3-year program. Some daring companies have gone so far as to have no […]

Risk Accounting Can Improve Your Profits

Within a generation, the advances in technology have undergone dramatic changes. The world is growing more interconnected thanks to electronic data and information networks. Meanwhile, globalization and new technologies have lead to supply chain vulnerabilities and unexpected losses. A CFO’s worst nightmare is having to explain to their CEO or board members, why they were […]

Forensic Accountants Aid in Disaster Recovery

Unfortunately, disasters do not follow a predictable course. Businesses are continually being affected by floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and fires. The recovery for a company after such disastrous events can be a tremendous challenge as they sort through complex issues including suppliers, employees, inventory, and more. Forensic accountants offer vital help in the recovery process for […]

Which Accounting Certification is Right for You?

Obtaining an accounting certification is a testament to a person’s commitment to succeed professionally, and as such, it is often used as a tie-breaker between candidates for a job. Gaining a universally recognized accounting certification can help you to get and keep the job during economic downturns. It can also increase your skillset’s marketability and […]

The August 2019 Jobs Report: Steady Rates

The U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics released its State Unemployment and Unemployment Summary for August 2019 toward the end of September. The jobs report states that there has been a steady 3.7% unemployment rate, and less than predicted job growth for this period. Unemployment Continues to Hover Near 50-Year Low The 3.7% […]

Treat Your Budget Like a Strategic Asset

For some companies, budgets are soley completed for the sake of keeping the Board happy and for departments to justify or gain funding. After compiling a budget, it is often set aside and not referred to until the following year. However, budgets are much more than spreadsheets, static numbers, and hopeful projections. For companies seeking […]

How CFO’s Are Boosting Cybersecurity on a Budget

Today, cybersecurity is no longer considered solely a technology risk. In recent years, CFOs have become more involved in the discussions because boosting cybersecurity has become an important finance department battle, too. A CFO’s job is to ensure that their company can protect the data-centric drivers of business value. This includes intellectual property as well […]