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Business Continuity Management

If tomorrow your business was targeted by a natural disaster, cyber-attack, or total systems failure, could your company handle it? You may be surprised to learn that disasters are responsible for over 186 billion dollars’ worth of economic loss. The capability of managing the risks associated with disasters, is imperative. A good place to start […]

Finance Team SOX Compliance Training

In 2006, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) was passed, and this was a moment that changed the finance sector forever. Essentially, this act regulated financial practices. Thirteen years later, many businesses have succeeded with the implementations, but others are still struggling with SOX compliance. As with any new financial compliance, the transition can be somewhat challenging, […]

Considering Becoming a Consultant?

Many accounting and finance professionals who are seeking diverse projects, competitive compensation and a rewarding work-life balance choose careers in consulting.   Coincidentally, many employers turn to interim financial consultants because they only need a particular skill-set for the duration of a project. Additionally, many employers will bring in an interim consultant to train and support […]

PMP Certification Benefits

Professional certifications demonstrate a documented level of expertise established according to set standards within a given field. That being the case, perhaps it is time to learn more about the PMP certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), a professional organization dedicated to advancing the field of project management. The PMP certification confirms your ability to lead […]

The Pitfalls of Bad Leadership Communication

Strong leadership communication can be the difference between success or total failure of a business. Therefore, it should be a leader’s objective to ensure that their communication remains consistent, effective, and appropriate. Types of Leadership Communication Not everybody communicates in the same way, but it’s important to identify what your communication style is how it […]

Combating Data Breaches

We live in a time that it’s pretty typical to get notified of data breaches. It’s not something that anyone wants to hear, but it’s important that we know where our information stands so we can better protect it in the future. Although we may be familiar with data breaches, often, our understanding of what […]

Troubleshooting ASC 606

Private equity CFOs are certainly in a challenging position. While it is a slightly different role than you’ll see within the public sector, the great thing about it is that they can still learn from the challenges and obstacles that the public industry faces. This is especially true when it comes to ASC 606, as […]

Achieving Cost Control Success

Business costs fluctuate and hopefully adjust in response to marketplace dynamics. As economic factors shift nationally and internationally, organizations seek cost improvement strategies. Cost control is one means of assuring required functions while maintaining a competitive edge well into the future. Learn from a Survey of C-Suite Senior Members You are not alone in taking […]