Reputable European Retail Distributor Retains DLC to Triage & Elevate $8B Business Unit’s Working Capital Process 

Overview and Project Background

The $8.5B North American branch of a global logistics and distribution was going through a transition period requiring tighter control on receivables and cash flow.  Legacy practices and systems plagued their Order to Cash process, leading to substantial aging of accounts receivable.  DLC was engaged to remedy the existing aged AR as well as reorganize the existing Finance support teams, repair intercompany interactions, and construct actionable reporting out of the legacy systems.

With a proud history dating back over 150 years, the client had purchased two previously competing firms within the last few years.  Having sorted the management teams and still in the process of integrating cultures, the need to quickly refocus on core functions became evident.

While IT worked to converge systems and Operations continued selling and delivering, Finance was adrift with little visibility into the metrics which makes the function effective.  The Financial Statements gave direction, but didn’t provide enough detail to execute on.  The low-level transaction detail was too much information to coalesce into a coherent set of finance tasks.