We're more than just Financial Consulting

We are a professional services firm helping companies drive transformation and growth, one project at a time. Our team provides flexible, efficient, on-demand execution of your financial projects.

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What Makes DLC a Leading Professional Services Firm?

DLC, an Addison Group Company, is a professional services firm that helps companies transform ideas into action, one project at a time. Our full-time practitioners are Big 4 CPAs or graduates of the nation’s leading business schools. All of our consultants have executed work within the complex environments of the Fortune 1000. Their desk-level expertise, backed by our highly efficient business model, positions us as a leading provider of high-quality results. DLC—founded by finance people, for finance people.

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Why Your Company Should Use Consultants During the Great Resignation

Due to the current economic environment, companies are placing more emphasis on skills, rather than roles. Seeking out external consultants allows organizations to get the specific skills they are seeking, yet at a fraction of the internal costs of hiring a permanent employee.  

September 2021
Addison Group closes offices to focus on employee wellness

The wake of the pandemic has shifted businesses seemingly overnight to a hyper-demand, always-on, overly connected world. Leaving employees unable to disengage, disconnect, unplug, along with a looming feeling of…

August 2021
3 Tips to Tackle the 2020 Tax Season

Stimulus payments, unemployment benefits, and PPP loans are just a few factors that could make filing 2020 taxes a lot more complex for the average taxpayer. For companies with employees…

March 2021

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