M&A Due Diligence Support

DLC is able to provide the right type and depth of information – in the format most expedient – so that lenders and acquirers have everything they need.

M&A Due Diligence Support

Acquisition Experience that Delivers

Knowing what they need and how they need it – and being able to produce it with the required time frame – are often less – well defined in the negotiations. Getting over the goalpost in an acquisition goes beyond the identification of the right target and establishing the means to make it happen.


Our Expertise

DLC Consultants Expertise

  • Ensure the availability of necessary historical operational data.
  • Ensure completion of current and prior period financial statements as needed.
  • Provide a liaison point between auditors, investment bankers, and others in the Company.
  • Construct forecasting models supporting short and long term decision making.
  • Build functional processes, and align with systems tools, to ensure ongoing lender requirements are met accurately and expediently.
  • Train Company internal employees to execute more sophisticated reporting and analytics than previously required.
  • Analyze the “as-is” and make recommendations regarding people, processes, and systems supportive of the acquirer’s growth and profitability objectives.

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