Post Merger Financial Integration

The whole point was the “synergy” to be realized by combining Company A with Company B. How close did they ever come to getting there? Frequently mergers/acquisitions fail to reap anticipated “combination upside”-or spend many years and dollars trying to make the pieces fit. Investing in the integration process in the right ways, at the correct times, with the right people helps ensure that merger-related disorganization doesn’t become some other company’s competitive advantage.

DLC Consultants Have Expertise In:

  • Ensure transactional recording, and monthly accounting and closing processes are aligned.
  • Consolidate monthly, quarterly, and other periodic reporting processes and eliminate redundancies.
  • Create new budgets and forecasts for the combined entity.
  • Ensure data flow is unimpeded through Company financial systems, so all of the above can be readily and reliably accomplished day-to-day.
  • Conduct operational and financial analyses significant for the new combined entity.
  • Ensure internal staff has a comprehensive understanding of go-forward requirements and any anticipated cultural shifts that will impact their roles and tasks.