Consultant FAQ

Take your career to new heights.


Are you considering a career change that provides a collaborative and energizing work environment with constant change and new opportunities? Not sure about working as a consultant versus a traditional industry role? Take a look at our FAQ to understand more about being a consultant and if consulting life is right for you.


What is it like to be a consultant?

Day-to-Day Responsibilities as a Consultant

As you might expect, your day-to-day responsibilities vary dramatically from client to client and project to project. Given the breadth of industries we serve, your exposure could range from Aerospace to Agriculture, from Pharmaceuticals to Financial Services, from Engineering to Entertainment or from Real Estate to Retail.

Your projects will run the gamut as well. Today you might be running a due diligence engagement, tomorrow you might be re-engineering a close cycle. This week you might be “going live” with an SAP implementation, next week you might be developing a strategic planning process. This month you might be integrating an acquisition, next month you might be interpreting an accounting pronouncement.

Why should I be a consultant at DLC?

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People join DLC for a multitude of reasons: Some join because they want a variety of work and exposure to different industries and disciplines. Some join because they want to accelerate their acquisition of skill and experience. Some join because they want to be part of a firm that is fast paced, dynamic, and positioned well for continued success. Some join because they realize that our unique models – both employment and operating – provide tremendous benefits to consultants and clients alike.

Others join because they value DLC’s unique and novel approach to consulting. They realize that DLC has “built a better mousetrap.” Some join because they want to work in an environment that rewards and recognizes their contributions – an environment where finance and accounting professionals actually drive the business. Some join because they want to help write a story – they want to be part of something truly special.

How will I grow as a consultant?

Feedback & Professional Development

DLC believes in providing our consultants with constructive and timely feedback. Our performance management process includes both formal and informal feedback and is designed to help our consultants grow personally and professionally.

We are deeply committed to training and development. We offer customized training programs through a web-based learning portal that provides access to over 1,000 academic resources. Via the learning portal, our consultants have access to industry information, the most recent accounting pronouncements, the latest in management information tools, and much more. In addition to customized training, DLC also offers its CPAs additional training to stay current with their CPE credits.

In addition to the learning portal, DLC licenses several tools that provide our consultants access to industry best practices, accounting research, and SEC filings, just to name a few. Our goal is to provide our consultants with comprehensive and easily accessible tools to quickly advance the learning and development process. We realize that in order for DLC to reach its full potential, our consultants have to reach theirs first.

What is a consultant’s career path?

Take Your Career to New Heights

The consultant experience at DLC is specifically designed to accelerate our practitioners’ development. Many of our most well-rounded consultants entered our firm with narrow industry and functional experience and dramatically increased their transferable skills in a short period of time.

While we would like our consultants to make DLC their last career move, we recognize that the skill and experience they amass while working for our firm makes them extremely attractive in the marketplace. Whether they work for a multinational corporation or a venture capital backed startup, our Alumni hold positions of prominence in the organizations they serve.

How does consulting expand my network?

Building a Network and Lasting Relationships

As a DLC consultant, you will gain instant access to a network of talented professionals as well as the collective intellectual capital of our firm. Your colleagues will routinely share their insight, knowledge, and perspective to assist you with technical issues, client management issues, and even your own professional development.

In an environment that fosters sharing and open and honest communication, it’s no surprise that many of our consultants forge lasting relationships that transcend the workplace.

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