Case Study

Fortune 500 Supply Company Drives Post-merger Integration Success via System Configuration & DLC Project Management 


An international Fortune 500 supplier of electrical and utility services engaged the DLC team for financial transformation project management support following the acquisition of and merger with one of its largest competitors.  

Project Background 

The client was merging global financial systems and the underlying data structure for two companies where existing data structure and systems had been pieced together over decades. Each configuration was unique and complex, and needed to be redesigned to unify and simplify systems across the globe and lay the foundation for future progress. 

As the go-live target approached, significant project management challenges arose with the Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting team responsible for generating automated and ad hoc reports used by Accounting and Financial Reporting teams. The technology project management in place was facing significant changes in scope and priorities and communication and coordination issues between technology and financial teams were resulting in missed deadlines and disconnects on prioritization that were putting the go-live target date at risk. 


DLC was brought in 10 weeks prior to go-live at the tail end of the multi-year project. The DLC team quickly oriented themselves to project cadences and details of the BI execution. Coordinating with consultants working on the project at the PMO level and on other teams, DLC quickly established new structures and frameworks within the BI team for tracking and reporting project task status and integrated that tracking with the existing cadence and structure of the overall project. 


After DLC provided project management support to address the dysfunctional communication between the BI Reporting team and finance and project teams, confidence was restored with executive stakeholders that the BI reporting team would hit required milestones for a successful go live.

When significant new risks and challenges arose, mitigation plans were established to quickly communicate project impact. As a result, the system transformation was able to successfully go live as planned with full confidence from the project team and leadership.

Before DLC: 

  • Disconnected, fragmented processes 
  • Issues gaining real-time visibility into the post-merger integration process 
  • Complex, misconfigured systems 

 After DLC: 

  • Cohesive, scalable system transformation 
  • Successful post-merger go-live 
  • Instilled confidence in stakeholders 

 Services Provided: 

  • System integration 
  • Project management 

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