Case Study

Industry-leading Retail Client Overcomes Market Pressures, Drives Efficiency via Rework of Budgeting & Reporting Processes


The client, a retail industry leader, was experiencing increased market competition and a reduction in profit margins. The client engaged DLC to provide execution support for their budget process. The client needed to set appropriate expectations for the coming year and provide executive management with the information they needed to strategically respond to industry developments. 

Business Challenges 

As the budget cycle commenced, the Senior Manager of Planning and Reporting abruptly left the company. The company’s budget submissions deadlines were in jeopardy due to lack of process documentation and experience.  

The client was also running into issues relating to their usage a outdated Excel spreadsheets, unlinked income statement and balance sheet models, and inconsistent calculations regarding key financial metrics.


After reviewing the prior year’s budget files, gathering corporate requirement information, and meeting with high-level executives, the DLC team developed a comprehensive timeline to ensure the success of the project. 

The DLC team rebuilt the budget models to ensure more efficiency and accuracy.  End users could easily adjust key metrics inputs to see financial statement impact.  Financial models included automation and checks and balances and balance sheets were integrated with income statements.  

The DLC team also created a process document that provided step by step details on the model, key contacts and stakeholders and timelines for completion.


After engaging DLC, the client’s management team was extremely satisfied with the improvements incorporated into the budget process while delivering a quality, on-time submission. The process enhancements provided by DLC consultants increased efficiencies and created opportunities for more reliable and accurate analytics.  

In addition, the improved documentation and model construction facilitated the implementation of cross-training additional finance team members.. This increased staff knowledge and experience, enhanced employee satisfaction, and allowed client management to better assess staff potential for succession planning.

Before DLC 

  • Disconnected budget process 
  • No documentation  
  • Inconsistent calculations and reports 
  • Lack of knowledge after exit of key employee 

After DLC 

  • Streamlined and trustworthy annual budgeting process 
  • Documentation process improvements 
  • Accurate and reliable analytics and monthly reports 
  • Effective succession planning procedures 

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