International Food and Beverage Company Engages DLC for Support and Validation on Global 5-year Strategic Plan Projections


An international Fortune 500 food and beverage company engaged the DLC team for support and validation on their global 5-year Strategic Plan projections, which serve as the basis for valuation of their Goodwill. These forecasts were performed by 50+ business units and over 25 brands across 8 identified regions across the world.

Project Background

The client’s balance sheet was 80% Goodwill and Intangibles, which required them to perform an evaluation of impairment on an annual basis and served as one of the most critical components of their external audit.

  • With DLC’s direction, the client wanted to reduce the time for final review with external auditors to complete their final assessment.

  • With a tight deadline for completion, the DLC team jumped into the project quickly to learn the client’s processes and models. 

After evaluating the current state, DLC learned they would be faced with managing new tools for the impairment process, establishing relationships with new staff after the client experienced turnover, and collaborating with three external teams. Throughout the duration of the project, the client’s requirements changed, which expanded the scope of the end product and pushed DLC’s consultants to be agile and adaptable.