Case Study

Reconstruction of Financial Processes for Portfolio Company Delivers Reliable Reporting & Investor Confidence


The client – a private equity firm’s portfolio company within the consumer products industry – engaged DLC after integration efforts revealed a suboptimal process flow that hindered how data was being reported and impacted the firm’s financial performance. 

Business Challenges 

The client faced a period of disruption after rapid turnover at the executive and senior financial management level, impeding their ability to provide investors with timely performance measures and reliable forecasting to evaluate financials.


To begin, the DLC team conducted an end-to-end assessment of the portfolio company’s people, processes, and systems. This included a current state evaluation, blueprint development to integrate optimized processes, allocation of internal resources to meet key deadlines, and the provision of thorough training and documentation to ensure seamless knowledge transfer between team members. 

DLC also examined and improved key accounting processes and internal controls, including those relating to inventory, intellectual property management, contracts, procurement, supply chain, and channels of distribution. 

Lastly, DLC integrated first-time planning processes and analytics, identified which KPIs the client should be tracking, and integrated a rolling forecast into monthly reporting. 


In addition to various process improvements, staffing recommendations, and monthly reporting requirements, DLC made significant headway on building a sense of urgency, initiative and accountability within the finance and accounting group for prompt investor reporting. 

As a result, investors gained confidence in their venture with a comprehensive reporting package supported by reliable and accurate data. 

Before DLC 

  • Disorganization in financial processes 
  • Inability to accurately forecast and evaluate financial performance 
  • No processes for planning or analytics 

After DLC 

  • Process improvements 
  • Stronger internal controls 
  • Reliable reporting & analytics procedures 
  • Investor confidence 

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