Our Commitment to
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our people are our most valued asset

We believe the unique skills, talents and perspectives of our people drive creative thought and innovative solutions. That’s why, at DLC, we celebrate the power of our differences and empower every voice to be heard. Collaboration unlocks the full potential of our people and unifies us to make change happen, together.

Advancing diversity in the workforce

Our different experiences and perspectives strengthen our collective potential. Together, our diversity of thought unites our overarching goal to empower, invest and advocate for the importance of a diverse workforce. 

We work closely with Addison Group’s organization-wide DEI Advisory Board to focus on realizing an equitable environment where every candidate, consultant and employee is included, accepted and welcome – regardless of experience or background.  

Fostering Inclusion

Our focus to create a diverse and inclusive environment is realized through several organization-wide initiatives.

DEI Advisory Board

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Board is made up of professionals across our Addison Group Family of Brands who are experts in their field. Their guidance, subject matter expertise, and familiarity with our industry, combined with their passion for DEI, propels our DEI efforts forward.

Employee Resource Groups

We aim to provide supportive groups for employees with shared experiences to foster their professional growth and contribute to personal development at work. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are employee-led and are intended to advocate for and represent different groups of individuals.

Our ERGs involve a variety of events such as: 

Career Development and Mentorship 
Learning Sessions 
Fundraising and Community Outreach 
Volunteer Opportunities 
In-Person and Virtual Events 


We support our communities by dedicating time to enacting change through volunteering. As part of our team, you’re able to use floater holidays for volunteering and supporting causes you care about in your community. We continue to add additional holidays to our annual floater holiday schedule, allowing more opportunities for our employees to celebrate cultural events that are important to them. 

Networking and Alliances

Our employee-led task force organizes events throughout the year to foster inclusion, build community and increase engagement with causes and organizations we feel are important and significant to building an inclusive workforce. 

Fostering Inclusion

Meet the Team

Employee-led advisory board


Alexis Fisher
Vertical Administrative Lead

Addison Group


Andrew Kron
Director of Compensation
Addison Group


Eric Klein
Senior Vice President, ITC
Addison Group


Gabby Gilbertson
HR Business Partner
AIM Consulting


James Marble
Director Human Resources
Addison Group


Julie Feeley
VP of Marketing


Katy Booth
Bridgepoint Consulting


Madeline Cales
Vice President, Alliances
ArcLight Consulting


Monica Gill
Bridgepoint Consulting


Nevena Jevtic
HR Business Partner DEI Project Manager
Addison Group


Peg Buchenroth
Executive Vice President, Human Resources
Addison Group

Employee Resource Groups

Harnessing individual strengths
for collective power

We’re an ensemble of passionate and richly diverse people.

DLC and Addison Group are committed to modeling and building a world of more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces.

Black Employee Network

Holistic Asian & Pacific Islander

Latinos for Engagement, Advancement & Development

Parents & Caretakers


Support Without Stigma

Women of the Workplace


Working towards a better future

The collective sum of the individual differences, life experiences, innovation, self-expression, unique capabilities and talent represents a significant part of our culture, reputation and achievement as a company.

While we continue to make progress in many areas – we know we can do more. Having a diverse workforce requires a continued commitment. We are always working to cultivate an environment of authenticity and inclusivity at DLC, across Addison Group, our clients and candidates through employee-led initiatives.

Contact our DEI advisory board today about ways to partner towards a better tomorrow.