Avoiding Common Resume Mistakes

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Resume mistakes can be easy to make, but beware, they will stand out like a sore thumb to  potential employers.  Even the most benign resume mistakes can make you appear  incompetent in the eyes of employers who are looking to hire top talent.

 After all, your resume is your first chance to show an employer that you are the perfect fit — but if done incorrectly, that employer may decide that you are not a fit at all.  

So, how do you prevent yourself from making resume mistakes that can easily keep you from landing that job interview?  We have rounded up a few tips to help prevent you from getting your resume tossed into the “circular file.”

Avoid Resume Mistakes with Keywords

Do not use one cookie cutter resume for all employers.  While it can be tempting to mass email out one generic resume, this may cause your resume to fail the employer’s filtering process.   Today’s resumes are often reviewed electronically by filtering software and, if your resume is missing the keywords specified in the job description, it will be filtered out and never seen by the recruiter.

Keep Your Information Relevant to The Hiring Process

Gender, age, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, criminal record, marital status, and unrelated hobbies do not need to be included on your resume.

Spell Check, Spell Check and Then Spell Check Again!

Typos are resume killers. Having someone else review your resume with their fresh eyes is extremely helpful. Even published authors have their work proofread by  editors.  But,  if you can’t have another person proofread it for you, try reading it out loud to yourself.   Also, reading it while placing your finger slowly under each word is a great way to catch errors. 

Use the Correct Verb Tense

Describing your current position is the only time that current tense is used.  Be sure to use past tense when describing your past experiences.  Many people use the wrong tense at the start of bullet points.   Be sure to double-check your bullets before a recruiter does.

Consider Converting Your Resume to a PDF Format

Your resume’s formatting can be distorted when opened from different computer programs.  A PDF will ensure that recruiters will see your resume formatted the same way, regardless of what program they use.

Quantify Your Accomplishments

Employers want to see how you added value to your past employers.  Not just a list of your tasks.  Quantify your accomplishments by providing concrete evidence, numbers, sales figures, etc.

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