Lookout for These During a Job Interview

Multiple exposure shot of a businesspeople having a meeting superimposed over a cityscape

Recruiting the right employees is vital for business success. Focusing on what to watch and listen for during a job interview is one step toward employing the best candidates for your business.

The Candidate Spent Time Learning About the Job

Look for signs that a candidate has spent time learning about your business.

  • Do responses and questions demonstrate preparation?
  • Listen for responses that indicate awareness about your clientele and/or products.
  • Note if a prospective employee is able to link values and goals with your business and the job.
  • Do they ask informed questions, such as those related to the position’s procedures?

Pay Attention to Job Interview Style

You are well aware that interaction style affects work relationships, morale, and productivity. Interviews offer time to observe candidates’ actions, language use, job interest, and confidence.

  • Did the candidate arrive on time and interact well with staff?
  • Observe overall communication, including eye contact, tone of voice, and posture. Do they interrupt or make lengthy yet limited responses?
  • Watch for signs of insecurity or lack of preparation.
  • Is the candidate confident and humble, or smug and overly assured?
  • How do you rate the person’s ability to interact with others?

You Get the Information You Need

The interview is a time for learning about the candidate beyond the resume. You want to gain as much information as possible about the person’s experience, skills, and potential.

  • Discussion about work history aligns with the resume.
  • The candidate describes successes, challenges, and goals.
  • The questions you posed were clearly answered.
  • Are they able to link skills, abilities, and goals with the job at hand?
  • Does the candidate have reasonable expectations related to advancement potential, benefits, and opportunities?

The Candidate was Able to Follow Your Lead

You want the interview to begin and end as expected. Candidates who follow an interviewer’s lead show adaptability.

  • Was the candidate able to adjust, such as being questioned by another interviewer?
  • Make note if they comfortably participated in the interview’s closing.
  • Set aside a few moments to write down the immediate impressions you had of this candidate.

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