Making a Competitive Job Offer

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In this tight job market, it can be difficult to find skilled candidates. This can make it tempting to offer too much when you do find a candidate that meets your requirements. With that in mind we have compiled a few tips that will help you attract the right candidate with a job offer that is amicable for both you and the candidate.

Act Quickly

Today’s best job candidates don’t just put in a single application. Instead, they are diversifying themselves and shopping for the best fit. If you aren’t on top of your hiring game, your perfect candidate maybe be swept up before you even finish interviewing them. That being said, don’t delay. Respond quickly with a competitive job offer when you see a candidate with the skills that are important to you.

Listen to Their Needs

Getting a person into a new position shouldn’t be your only goal. Many job seekers are looking for a real career and a place that they can make a difference for a long time. Make sure that you find out what they want in a position and point out the ways that your business can make this happen. If you have attractive training and promotion potential, make sure to let them know about the opportunities.

Discuss Your Involvement

Making a personal connection and investment in a new hire and the position can be attractive for prospective employees. They want to know that you take an active part in developing them and their career. Detail the ways that you will help to coach and mentor this position.

Make Team Introductions

It is important that a potential employee can see how they fit into your organization. Team introductions can help build immediate relationships with a candidate and help them visualize who they will be working with.

Make a Competitive Job Offer

All of the legwork won’t mean anything if you are drastically under market value or not offering a benefits package. Detail all of the benefits of this position and don’t leave anything undiscussed. Sometimes the small things can end up being the difference in where a great employee decides to go.

Partner-up with a staffing firm. 

A top rated accounting and finance staffing agency knows the ins-and-outs of the accounting and finance candidate market.  They will have a database of job seekers, including those who you won’t have access to by checking the job boards.

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