M&A Due Diligence Support Consultants: What They Do & How They Help

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Understanding everything you need to drive M&A success and achieve goals within the required timeframe is no easy task, especially considering that the first 90 days of a deal are the most critical.

Driving M&A success goes beyond identifying the right target and establishing the means to make it happen. For best results, consider turning to an M&A due diligence support consultant for guidance.

Things to know about M&A due diligence support consultants:

What is M&A due diligence support?

M&A due diligence support is the process of verifying, analyzing or auditing a potential deal or investment opportunity in order to develop the best possible outcome for an M&A transaction.

By conducting the necessary M&A due diligence, business leaders are able to identify the true value of a transaction and empower their people to drive successful negotiations.  

What do M&A due diligence support consultants do?

M&A due diligence support consultants are there to provide guidance during the entire M&A process, from analyzation of key objectives that support business growth to providing hands-on support for implementing more efficient processes after a deal goes through.

It can be incredibly challenging to navigate a potential deal without the right expertise. Without proper preparation and guidance, you run the risk of losing stakeholder trust, targeting the wrong company or overpaying.

However, when you turn to an M&A due diligence support consultant for guidance, you can rest easy knowing your transaction is in the hands of a true expert.

Skills & duties of M&A due diligence support consultants:

  • Ensure the availability of necessary historical operational data
  • Ensure completion of current and prior period financial statements as needed
  • Provide a liaison point between auditors, investment bankers and others in the company
  • Construct forecasting models supporting short- and long-term decision making
  • Build functional processes and align with system tools to ensure ongoing lender requirements are met accurately and expediently
  • Train internal employees to execute more sophisticated reporting and analytics than previously required
  • Analyze the “as-is” and make recommendations regarding people, processes and systems supportive of the acquirer’s growth and profitability objectives

Benefits of hiring an M&A due diligence support consultant:

  • Develop a strategic vision for your path to M&A success
  • Receive expert guidance on how to negotiate the best possible outcomes of a potential deal
  • Streamline the M&A process, cut down on overhead spend and provide business leaders with more time to focus on large-scale goal development and actualization
  • Ensure all your people are properly trained and have what they need to succeed

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