Networking Event Introductions


Social media and other online platforms have made it easier than ever to connect with people. However, in-person introductions at a networking event can be a little harder for people to pursue. If you’ve been asking yourself how to make introductions at business networking events, then you’ll be happy to learn there are many tips you can follow.

Talk about the Event

Because you are at a networking event, don’t be afraid to use it as a conversation-starter. Walk up to a person that you would like to network with and ask them what they thought about a key speaker and include what you appreciated most about what they had to say. This is a great ice breaker and the opportunity to hand out your business card.

Make a Connection

You’ll quickly learn that many of the people at these events are already connected to someone that you know. Make sure that you draw these parallels before the event and then use them to strike up a conversation. People will appreciate your effort, and you’ll be more familiar if you bring up someone that they are comfortable with.

Tell a Story

People like interesting. Have a good story on hand that will captivate your audience in a small group. Wait for the right opportunity and then share the story. People are likely to remember a story that is funny or makes them think. Consider your audience when choosing the type of story that you should tell.

Simple Networking Conversation Starters

If you prefer to keep it simple, then just use regular conversation starters. Some people choose to talk about the food that is served at the event while other people bring up the weather. Stick to a topic you are comfortable with and then allow the conversation to progress to a more professional level.

Networking Event Overview

Introductions are key when it comes to networking. It is important to get your name out there and make connections with as many people as you can. Remember, it’s all about the quality of the connection. Be your authentic self, and you are more likely to walk away with meaningful contacts.

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