Post-merger Financial Integration Consultants: What They Do & How They Help 

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Identifying ways to foster successful collaboration after a deal goes through is no easy feat — especially as you juggle the day-to-day operations of your business.

In order to reduce the complexity of the post-merger integration process and ensure as little interruptions to business as possible, you’ll want to turn to a post-merger financial integration consultant for guidance.

Things to know about post-merger financial integration consultants:

  1. What is Post-merger Financial Integration?
  2. What do Post-merger Financial Integration Consultants Do?
  3. What are the Benefits of Hiring a Post-merger Financial Integration Consultant?

What is Post-merger Financial Integration?

Post-merger financial integration is the process of identifying synergies and fostering collaboration across the finance functions of two separate business entities after a deal goes through.

This includes combining budgets, forecasts, processes, financial systems, financial reporting capabilities, financial technology and more.

What do Post-merger Financial Integration Consultants Do?

Post-merger financial integration consultants help your company invest in the integration process in strategic and timely ways in order to drive successful merger-related organization and reduce the complexity and challenges that come alongside combining two businesses.

By acting as an extension of your business, they are there to foster collaboration, help your team prepare to make the shift and ensure you maximize the value of a deal.

Skills & Duties of Post-merger Financial Integration Consultants

  • Aligning transactional recording and monthly accounting and closing processes
  • Consolidating monthly, quarterly, and other periodic reporting processes to eliminate redundancies
  • Creating budgets and forecasts for the combined entities
  • Ensuring data flow is unimpeded through company financial systems
  • Conducting operational and financial analyses
  • Ensuring internal staff has a comprehensive understanding of future requirements and an understanding of how any anticipated cultural shifts that will impact their roles and tasks

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Post-merger Financial Integration Consultant?

  • Ensure a smoother, less complex and more successful post-merger integration process
  • Identify areas of synergy and foster company-wide communication and collaboration
  • Meet key project deadlines and drive operational efficiency
  • Limit interruptions to business projects and activities
  • Less potential for company cultures to clash

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