Questions to Ask New Employees

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In order to create a steep learning curve, make sure your new employees are orienting to their new surroundings and have a firm grasp of what their responsibilities are. Staying engaged with your new employees will help them to be efficient and productive.  Here are some questions that you should be asking your new employees during their employee orientation process.

Going Well Or…?

You should be looking for a few things in this answer. The first is to make sure that you are hearing the things that your employee enjoys. Additionally, you can see if the things that are going well match with your employee’s talents and with your expectations of the position. Questions about things that are happening well can also help to frame a larger conversation in a positive and constructive light.

Is This Position What You Had Expected?

It is okay if your employee didn’t expect certain things. Sometimes these variations can be positive, and you may even realize that you are covering areas that you hadn’t even thought this position was capable of. Additionally, this offers a non-confrontational avenue for the employee to bring up any issues that they are having in a constructive manner.

Do You Have Enough Time to Complete Your Work?

In the beginning of any new employment, you should expect and allow for additional time to learn tasks. Ensuring that you don’t overload an employee as soon as they start can help smooth the transition and allow them to give you some of their best work without adding additional pressure.

You may also find that if the employee has too much downtime that you can start to increase their workload, as long as their work has been satisfactory so far.

Are There Any New Employee Challenges I Can Help You With?

It is important to make sure to guide a new employee and give them the resources they need when they first start a position. Offering to help with specific challenges can improve your working relationship and offer your employee an avenue for help if they need it in the future too.

As new employees start a position, it is important to increase your communication and build a solid work foundation. These questions can help get you there.

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