Salary Negotiation Tips

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Maybe you are a current employee and it’s time to request a salary increase. Or you have just had a successful interview and it’s time for the next phase, salary negotiation. Consider these steps and tips as you plan for the meeting:

  • Review salary range for similar positions and qualifications in your region.
  • Review benefit packages.

Merit/Performance-Based Salary Negotiation

You know how hard you work. Your job is demanding. You find yourself working extended hours without additional compensation.
Based on your performance and your contributions to the organization you feel confident about asking for a raise.  Prepare!  One of the biggest issues that can derail a salary negotiation is not having proof that you’re an asset to your organization.

  • Take the objective approach to determine the salary you’ll request.
    • Research salaries for same/similar positions online.
    • Look at benefit packages as this may be a negotiation point.
  • Update your resume/CV and portfolio/work samples.
  • Objectively discuss what you have learned.
    • Concretely present how your talents benefit the organization.
    • Reveal your work satisfaction and engagement.

Other Negotiating Tips if Salary Offer Falls Short

Regardless if you are negotiating salary for a new or existing position, the salary offer may be lower than desired. You have the option to negotiate for added benefits or perks, including:

  • An educational benefit, such as student loan deferments, or a stipend for courses.
  • Additional vacation time in lieu of the gap between desired and actual salary.
  • Telecommuting hours/days or flex time.

Don’t Do These During Negotiation

Hiring managers advise against:

  • Discussing personal financial woes.
  • Apologizing for asking for a reasonable salary based on your qualifications.
  • Give ultimatums.

Negotiation Tools of the Trade

There are some salary estimating tools online that will support your quest. After all, knowing your worth is valuable information that validates your abilities and knowledge.

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