Creating a Successful New Hire Orientation Program

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You may call the program orientation or on-boarding. Regardless, you are looking for the same outcome: A successful new hire program for new employees. Gone are the days of paperwork laden, boringly exhausting orientations. Welcome to the era of creating a genuine welcome for your new hire.

Begin Onboarding at Time of Hire

Design a system to have required documents completed prior to orientation.

  • This helps to reduce the boredom factor.
  • It allows HR to assure that required documents are filed or to follow up as needed.
  • Use this as a topic during onboarding by:
    • Getting new hires’ feedback about the process.
    • Reinforcing the importance of information in relation to corporate values.
    • Adding touches of humor as appropriate.

Make the New Hire Feel Welcome

Chances are you recall an orientation period from your past that could have gone better. It was days before your computer was set up, or you were handed a packet of information to read, sign, and return. At day’s end you left wondering if the place was the right fit for you.

To help your newest employees feel welcome:

  • Have hiring managers match them with mentors.
  • Liven up group onboarding sessions with interactive games, discussions, and tours of the business.
  • Encourage social networking, inviting other employees to join orientation tours and activities.

Talk About the Job

From date of hire, new employees wonder what is in store. Talk about the position and why each was hired to encourage the security that leads to success.

  • Link roles and responsibilities discussion with the new hire’s abilities and aspirations.
  • Share ways for new hires to contribute to teams and the organization.
  • Use an open, engaging tone that supports dialogue.
  • Be upfront with information about evaluations, timing for reviews, performance bonuses, and improvement plans.

Next Steps: Keep the New Hire Engaged

Managers help new hires to feel part of the organization with informal and formal interactions by:

  • Checking in while touring the department.
  • Dropping an email to inquire how they are doing.
  • Assuring that periodic reviews have timely completion.
  • Requesting them to assess the orientation process.
  • Inquiring what they need to best fulfill their responsibilities.

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