3 Work Productivity Tips

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Having a good sense of productivity can impact your mental and physical health, your mood, and your decision-making skills. Within your work environment, it’s fundamentally important to increase your productivity because it not only benefits you but also helps to benefit your company and colleagues. Optimizing your work productivity at the office helps to create an ideal environment for success.

Preparing yourself for work productivity can be done with these simple changes to your daily routine:

Create an office culture that embraces work productivity

Your work environment isn’t just a location. It’s also procedures and processes that require your attention daily. Keep in mind the following:

  • What are your goals? This will help you to determine the exact purpose of each task for completion.
  • Set individual goals for members of your team.
  • Encourage collaboration among your colleagues.
  • Be supportive of your team, and encourage them to take breaks so that they can stay refreshed
  • Change routines or scenery every once in a while to help boost moods and productivity
  • Provide the tools and resources needed so that everyone can complete their work.

Create and manage a calendar that optimizes time and tasks

Making a calendar can be time-consuming, but once it’s completed, the results will speak for themselves.

You can reduce the number of tasks for each individual by spreading them out nicely amongst the team members. Color coding the calendar can help to make it easier to understand and differentiate between functions. Don’t forget to include break periods for your employees so that they can take a minute to recharge.

Manage meetings

Do not schedule more time than necessary. Rather than scheduling an hour for an in-person meeting, try scheduling just 20 or 30 minutes. Have a conference call? Aim to keep it under 19 minutes. This will help keep unrelated chit-chat to a minimum and stay on-point.

Be proactive about keep meetings on track. Provide everyone with a meeting agenda, and if the conversation gets off topic, speak up and rein it back in. A statement, such as, “We can schedule time to discuss that topic at another time, since we only have 5 minutes left,” works perfectly.

Lastly, don’t schedule update meetings, instead updates can be sent by email.

Redesign the office space

A pleasing physical environment can create optimal work conditions for increasing work productivity. A positive work-space includes natural light, appealing colors, plants, and ergonomics to help prevent carpal tunnel and eye strain.


By making these minor changes, you can see an increased amount of productivity within your workplace that can help to create a great work environment for you and your colleagues.

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