Resume Tips for New Consultants

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If you’re thinking of becoming an accounting and finance consultant, it’s likely that your resume will need to be revamped. Finance and consulting firms are looking for strong academic performance, exemplary work experience, and leadership skills in the consultants that they hire. Here are a few resume tips to keep in mind.

Make Sure Your Format is Professional

You should make sure that you are clear, concise, and that the font is legible. Remember, people don’t have a lot of time to read through your resume, so make it as easy for them as possible. A poorly formatted resume should never be the reason that you aren’t considered for a role with a company.

Outline Your Projects

Take some time to explain which projects you’ve worked on. Be sure to highlight the most critical information. This part of the process takes a bit of strategy because you want to be thorough, but at the same time concise. Make sure you include only the most relevant information.

Describe the Depth of Your Experience

If you’ve worked on a variety of projects, make sure you showcase the different skills and tools that you have used. But, try not to be repetitive when describing each project. You’ll want to highlight the different technological systems that you’ve used as well as the various industries you’ve worked in. This will underscore just how versatile you are as a consultant.

Explain Your Work Ethic

People want to know that they can trust you. You’ll certainly want to highlight how you work under pressure, within tight deadlines, and with other people. Your communication style and ability to achieve results will help people understand that you are a quality person who will make their job easier.

Don’t Forget Interpersonal Skills

Technical skills are valuable, but over time, you’ll need to prove yourself through interpersonal skills. It will behoove you to highlight your interpersonal skills when describing your work style.

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